Campus Safety

Florence-Darlington Technical College's Campus Safety Department provides a 24-hour-a-day, year-round security and safety program.

Members of the department are under the guidance and control of the Director of Physical Facilities. Officers work eight-hour shifts to perform their duties, which include:

Members of the department have portable radios and are centrally dispatched by control operators in the Campus Safety Building who monitor emergency and normal telephone lines as well as fire and security alarm panels. College buildings are linked for fire alarm monitoring, and all of the buildings have security alarm systems.

The Campus Security Department is a private security force empowered by the college to enforce its rules, regulations and policies. Enforcement procedures include issuing parking tickets, issuing summary fines, filing conduct charges, and citizen's arrests.

The Campus Security Department works closely with federal, state, county and local authorities in the investigation and prosecution of crimes and in fire, safety, and health-related issues.


The possession or use on campus of any firearm or other dangerous weapon or incendiary device or explosive, unless such possession or use has been authorized by the college, is prohibited and punishable.  See the Student Code & Student Grievance Procedures Manual.