Summary of FDTC's Graduate Survey 2005

The Florence-Darlington Technical College (FDTC) Graduate Evaluation Survey 2005 results are attached for review. The Graduate Evaluation is administered annually to the respective graduates in attendance at the graduation rehearsal each year. On May 19, 2005, four-hundred and thirty-six (436) students completed the survey. Highlights of the survey results are listed below. A report of statistics related to the full report is available for review in the FDTC Office of Research, Planning, and Assessment.

Graduate Considerations of FDTC and the Future

Student Services

Graduates rated Student Services with the differentiations noted below.

Educational Programs

Students stated the following observations about their educational programs:

Education Contribution to Personal Growth

Student responses to the question, "How did your educational experience at FDTC contribute to your personal growth?" are as follows:

Discovery Question 2005

2005 Graduates offered the following opinions when asked about customer service at FDTC.

Customer Service

Financial Aid