Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology Partners With 3D Company to Open Interactive Digital Center

Construction continues on the Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT), but a main feature of the SiMT is already up and running at the Institute's temporary home at 320 West Cheves Street in Florence, SC. The SiMT has formed a formal partnership with EON Reality, Inc. to open the first Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in South Carolina.

SiMT Assistant Director Mike Mazen and Lead 3D Developer Rekha Anderson have set up a 3Dimensional visualization and simulation laboratory. As part of an International Interactive Digital Consortium the SiMT joins forces with EON Reality, Nvidia, HP, and Christie Digital. Microsoft also serves as a technical provider to the IDC Consortium.

The IDC allows business and industry to create 3D simulations that can be used to create marketing and training presentations. Mazen says industries and businesses will be able to increase sales and decrease training costs utilizing the EON Reality, Inc. powered Interactive Digital Center.

The IDC allows users to bring products to life and interact with the 3-D images. Users will be able to configure, make changes and manipulate presentations, all in what Mazen describes as "3-D Computer aided design on steroids!" EON's product line is already being used in architecture, defense and research programs.

The Interactive Digital Center will be housed in the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) at the SiMT. The IDC will have a 4000-square foot facility, which will include a showroom, demonstration and development center, and a training laboratory. The AMC is scheduled for completion by summer 2007.

For more information about Eon Reality Inc., visit them on the web at For more information about the SiMT, go to or call Mike Mazen at (843) 661-8123.