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Program Information and Resources

Success Center

The Success Center provides academic support and preparation services to all FDTC Students. These services include: individual and group as well as online and distance learning tutoring in core and advanced courses, academic counseling, and academic needs workshops. Students also have access to computers, podcasts, Skype, Facebook, e-readers, anatomy models, printers, Internet sites, instructional resources, and other supplemental tools and instruction.

Success Center Resources

Perkins IV Grant Program

The Carl D. Perkins Technical and Vocational Act of 1998 is a federally funded program that focuses on improving vocational-technical education, while emphasizing academics, by preparing individuals for employment in current or emerging occupations requiring training other than a baccalaureate or advanced degree.

The Perkins Grant Program offers tutorial services (online), academic & personal counseling referrals, career planning, financial aid information & planning, Individual needs assessment, workshops and seminars (based on students needs).

All students must complete a preliminary application in the Center or online.

Single Parent Program

The Single Parent Program seeks to provide financial, emotional, and educational support that will enable eligible men and women to develop survival skills and obtain appropriate vocational training resulting in employment and self-sufficiency. The ultimate goal for the program is to empower its participants to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Internship Program

This program is available through Student Activities in cooperation with the Perkins Grant Program. This program provides students with the opportunity to work in industry. For more information please contact Student Activities at 661-8081.

Professional Development

Professional development for faculty and staff will be offered to promote understanding and support of student participants. Tracking and monitoring of student progress and attendance will be utilized in order to evaluate and serve as an early alert to potential problems and barriers to academic achievement in order to promote retention.

Introduction to Tutoring in the Success Center

Introduction to Tutoring

Tutors work one on one (if possible) and in groups offering academic support and expertise to students. Some tutors have general knowledge of many subjects while others specialize in certain courses. It is the tutor's responsibility to meet the needs of the student. Tutors play a vital role in the academic success of FDTC students. The goal of every tutor is to help students achieve success.

It is important for tutors to understand that they are contracted employees of Florence Darlington Technical College (FDTC) and as such are subject to rules/ regulations governing all FDTC employees. As a tutor in the Success Center, a healthy relationship should be developed between you and the students that you will be working with as well as other FDTC employees. You are important to the success of our program. We are a team!

Webster's New World Dictionary, 1988, defines a "tutor" as a teacher who gives individual instruction to a student.

Success Center tutors work with individuals, small groups and large groups. These sessions help improve students ability to succeed academically.

Tutor's role

A tutor's role is to assist students with the completion of requirements for their course and contribute to the development of independent learning. Tutors will work with a diverse population of students in many different technical curriculum areas.

Tutoring purpose

Tutoring is offered to provide academic/ preparation and support; assist in the reduction of failure rates; the development of basic skills; assist in retention, the development of a positive attitude toward learning; effective study habits; self-confidence; and to increase the student's understanding of the subject matter.

Tutors Must

Daily Tasks

Record Keeping

Tutors must track tutoring time with Perkins participants and complete tutorial log.


Timesheets must be submitted each month. It is the tutor's responsibility to complete and sign timesheets on the designated days to ensure payment.

Time Sheets Due:   By the 12th of each month

Paychecks are issued once per month and will be deposited electronically. If the tutor does not follow the guidelines above the tutor will not be paid.

Tutor Pay Rate

Tutors will be paid $8.00/ hr. with no degree and $10.25/ hr. with a degree or professional certification.

Tutoring Sessions

The First Tutoring Session

During the first tutoring session, tutors and students should

Typical Sessions

Every tutoring situation will be a unique experience, but there are some basic strategies to getting the most out of a session.

Difficult Tutoring Sessions

Most tutoring sessions will go smoothly, but be prepared for times when little progress is made. Tutors must remember to be supportive and reinforce the student's successes when the student becomes frustrated during a session.

Personal Issues and Counseling

Showing support and giving academic advice is an important part of tutoring; however, it is important for tutors to understand that they are not counselors. If a student wants to discuss personal issues please direct the student to the Director for referral.