Associate in Science Program

Students complete projects in lab The Associate in Science (AS) degree program prepares the student to transfer specific courses or the degree in its entirety to a four-year senior college.  The degree stresses natural sciences, mathematics, communications, the social sciences and humanities.  The student may obtain the degree utilizing a variety of delivery methods such as the Internet, cable television, the traditional classroom, and interactive television classes.

The student in the Associate in Science program is required to earn an overall "C" average for graduation and a "C" in each course to transfer.  It is the student's responsibility to discuss transferring to a 4-year institution with a representative of that institution early in the student's academic career at Florence-Darlington Technical College.  Furthermore, the student is expected to discuss transferring to a 4-year institution with an FDTC academic advisor to plan a program of study to meet the requirements of the college to which the student intends to transfer.

Students study together in the library Students in certain degree programs can complete a few additional courses to obtain an AS degree and to broaden their education and enhance their credentials.

If you have questions regarding the Natural Sciences department, the AS program, or specific courses offered by the department, you may contact one of our instructors.   Course syllabi may be accessed online as well as the Application for Admission.