Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree program stresses communications, social/behavioral sciences, humanities, and fine arts. This degree prepares students for the future by emphasizing a broad-based liberal learning curriculum. A liberal learning based education will help students prepare for a variety of different career opportunities, from the business arena to the professional field of education. Students can choose their elective courses to supplement their required curricular courses to prepare for the future career path of their choice.

The student in the Associate of Arts program is required to earn an overall "C" average for graduation and a "C" in each course to transfer. At least twenty-five percent of the total credit hours of the curricular requirements must be earned at Florence-Darlington Technical College. It is the student's responsibility to discuss transferring to a particular four-year institution with a representative of that institution early in the student's program of study. Furthermore, the student is expected to discuss transferring to a four-year institution with an FDTC academic advisor to plan an individual program of study to meet the requirements of the college to which the student plans to transfer.

If you have questions regarding the AA program, the Math and Computer Technology Department, or specific courses offered in the program, you may contact one of our instructors/advisors. Course syllabi may be accessed online, as may the FDTC Application for Admission.