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Caterpillar Dealer Academy - Program Curriculum

Technical training on Caterpillar equipment and components includes the latest developments in: Engine Repair; Hydraulic Systems; Electrical and Electronic Systems; Test Procedures and Diagnostic Tools. In addition to the technical curriculum, courses will be offered in areas such as Math; Composition/Technical Writing; Psychology, U.S. History; U.S. Government; Business and Ethics to provide students with the background necessary for effective communication of ideas and the development of interpersonal skills.

Purpose of the Internship

The paid internship allows students to apply, in a real world setting, what they have learned during the previous classroom/lab sessions. In addition, students become familiar with the dealership environment, its organizational structure, and the competencies that are expected of a professional service technician.

Students will be responsible for maintaining an Intern Log Book during the internship periods which consists of: dealer information, contact information, a list of the specific objectives for the internship period, personal safety reminders and blank "Service Report" sheets to record the daily learning accomplishments. This may include a short summary of activity performed, equipment used, systems used, people contacted, training achieved or any other event that has significance related to the Internship.

Caterpillar Dealer Academy students pose for a group photo.


This two-year program is designed to prepare entry-level service technicians for Caterpillar dealerships. Students will develop skills to be productive with limited on-the-job training following graduation. English and math components of the curriculum are integrated with Caterpillar technology such as writing service reports and applying math skills to repairing and diagnosing technology. A general outline of the curriculum is listed in the college catalog.

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