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Occupation Description

It seems today that just about everyone uses computers at work. In fact, it is difficult to find a job nowadays that does not make use of computers in some capacity. There is a great demand for computer professionals, those people who specialize in working with computers. The job opportunities are wide and varied. A local area network technician installs and maintains networks, while a wide area network technician maintains connections to the Internet and installs and monitors communications equipment. A computer technician installs and supports computer equipment and software and troubleshoots problems.

Telecommunications Systems Management program in the Computer Technology degree provides the student with an understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques of using, installing and maintaining computers and networks. Graduates of the program are prepared for entry level positions in the Information Technology field.


Danny Young"Florence-Darlington Tech provided me with the necessary tools to pave the way for future learning and success on the job. Upon graduating from Tech, my computer technology background was strong enough that I could excel on the job, while learning new computer technology, and furthering my education."

Danny Young, 1998 FDTC Graduate
North American E-business Development Lead
ESAB Welding and Cutting Products
Florence, SC

Employment Opportunities

The Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2000-2001 lists computer support specialist and computer hardware repairers as two of the fasting growing occupations. The handbook also lists computer support specialists and computer programmers as occupations that have the largest projected job growth through 2008. A quick look at one job search site on the Internet during the month of February 2001 found approximately 600 computer related jobs in the North and South Carolina area. Jobs are there for the taking!


Tammy Lawson"Since graduating from Florence-Darlington Tech, my career has been on an upward path. I have had the opportunity to obtain various IT jobs within the company, given the diverse course work taken and subjects learned while attending FDTC. I learned the technical skills necessary to do the job, and the professional skills needed to excel within that job. FDTC opened up doors for me after graduation and has continued to, so many years later."

Tammy Lawson, 2000 FDTC Graduate
Database Analyst II
Sonoco Inc.
Hartsville, SC


Earnings and Advancement

The CPT department prepares you to sit for the A+, Network+, and Security+ Certification Exams from CompTIA as well as the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam.


Sharon Jones"Attending Florence-Darlington Technical College has not only given me the knowledge to confront day-to-day challenges in my job head-on, but instilled the value of continuous learning which is imperative in today's IT professions."

Sharon Jones, 2000 FDTC Graduate
Site Support Technician & Desktop Engineer
Perot Systems



Program Offerings

Ward Lyerly

"I was in a dead end job with no chance for advancement, but with the skills I have acquired at FDTC it has given me the confidence to change careers into a field where the sky is the limit."

Ward Lyerly, 2001 FDTC graduate
Quality Assurance Analyst
Automated Web Scripting
ACS Technologies, Inc., developers of ACS

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For additional information phone 843.661.8192, or e-mail Paul Anderson, Jonnie Miller, C.H. Miller or Pete Gioldasis.