Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology

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The Professional Benefit

The Diesel Technology program at FDTC is designed to prepare students for the many employment opportunities in the diesel equipment industry.

This unique program allows students to enter the program during multiple opportunities throughout the year. This program also gives students the option of earning a certificate or an Associates degree (both require about two years of continuous enrollment to complete the curriculum).

Students are trained on diesel engines, drive trains, hydraulic systems, brakes, steering, fuel systems, suspensions, electrical systems, and computerized engine controls.

Students enrolled in Diesel Technology learn the theory of operation along with the latest repair and diagnostic procedures available in the diesel industry. The classroom and laboratory exercises provide a well-rounded learning experience that prepares the student for a variety of career opportunities.



The Personal Benefit

Diesel Technology graduates can pursue employment in a variety of career fields, including trucking, agricultural interests, industrial, manufacturing, construction equipment companies, mining industries, fleet owners, and many other markets.

Careers in diesel technology can be significantly rewarding. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median hourly wage in 2004 was $17.20 for this occupation, while the highest 10 percent earned an average $25.67 an hour. Opportunities should be very good for persons who complete formal training in diesel mechanics at community and junior colleges or vocational and technical schools. Applicants without formal training may face stiffer competition for entry-level jobs (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004).

These positions involve challenging work and typically include a generous benefit package and several avenues for promotion and advancement.


View the Diesel and Heavy Equipment semester layout.

Classes for the Diesel Technology certificate program are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-11pm each week. This has proven to be convenient for both students and employers.

These are strictly technical training courses. There are no prerequisites and no academic classes (i.e. math, English, etc.) However, successful completion will require a commitment to self-study by all students.

Diesel engines are everywhere!

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At Florence-Darlington Technical College, we don't just offer our students a credential. We offer them a marketable skill with the potential for a prosperous and meaningful career.