Electronics Engineering Technology Department

Occupation Description

The three electronics programs are designed to give students the skills and knowledge to pursue rewarding careers. These programs are designed to meet the specific interest of individual students and the technical needs in today's economy.

I joined to learn more about the ever expanding field of electronics engineering and the technological advances in EET at Florence-Darlington Technical College. Keith Dambaugh - Electronics Engineering Technology

Employment Opportunities

The program offers two major fields of study in engineering technology and provides the following opportunities and options.

The ATE program has exceeded my expectations in preparing me for a promising career. Wade Carrick - EET graduate - ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Earnings and Advancement

Earnings depend on the type of agency and specialty. Junior technicians work under the supervision of registered electronics engineers, making about $28,000 per year. Electronics engineering technicians with more experience earn about $38,000. Supervisory or senior level positions earn about $$64,000.

The ET program at FDTC has utilized modern engineering practices coupled with the Advanced Technological Education curriculum to prepare me for a distinguished career in the field of engineering technology. Jody Williamson - EET graduate - Progress Energy Carolinas

Program Offerings

Electronic Engineering Technology

The electronics engineering technology is a dual track program. Electronics Engineering is a two-year degree program leading to an Associate in Engineering Technology. After completing the first year of core course, students have the option of selecting the Electronic program of studies with emphasis in industrial applications, or computer networking with emphasis in LAN/WAN concepts, routers and network switches.

Fiber Optics and Copper Cabling

This is a one-year certificate program that provides training in wiring and cable installation for data, voice and video. Application of copper and fiber optics cables such as design, layout and proper cable termination will be covered.

Process Control

This is a one-year certificate program to train students with the skills necessary to implement and maintain process control equipment in a manufacturing facility. This program consists of theory and application of PLC's, instrumentation, PID loops and factory automation.

The Electronics Engineering Technology Program at FDTC is a GREAT program that prepares students for work in the REAL WORLD. It provides the hands-on skills needed in today's job market. I'm appreciative of the knowledge that I have gained in the EET program at Tech. An'dre Luckey - EET graduate - Progress Energy Carolinas

These programs use classroom and laboratory experiences to prepare graduates to work in the electronics or networking field. Graduates are prepared to apply electronic or networking principles and theories to build, test, troubleshoot, repair, and modify electronic equipment or networking systems. They may be employed in a variety of industries.

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