Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

Occupation Description

An electro-mechanical engineering technician uses the engineering principles to solve practical problems in manufacturing. He also uses knowledge and skills of several areas: electricity, circuit, solid-state, digital, automation, instrumentation and industrial power. The electro-mechanical engineering technician maintains, adjusts, corrects and repairs electrical, mechanical and pneumatic equipments; sometimes the task must be performed accurately and quickly to return production machinery to manufacturing. The job works in various areas of the manufacturing plant and uses a variety of electrical and mechanic tools and equipment.

The two-year degree program is designed to complement student mechanical concepts training with education in electrical/electronics. The intent is a broad-based education that gives the student a number of career choices.

The ATE Curriculum has been the best tool in preparing me for a full-time career. The hefty amounts of work and time I've put into being a successful student are paying off, because I can understand a large spectrum of concepts that employers use in modern industry. Travis Blackwell - EMET graduate - ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Employment Opportunities

Employers typically require an appropriate diploma or associate degree; some require a knowledge/ skill demonstration. Three of four engineering technicians are employed in either a manufacturing company or business service company.

Since Graduation from Florence-Darlington Technical College, I have obtained a position with the Florence Civic Center as their building engineer. The hands-on training and one-on-one with the instructors gave me the edge I needed to succeed in my new career. I strongly recommend FDTC for anyone trying to get ahead. Chris Strong - EMET graduate - Building Engineer

Earnings and Advancement

An Electro-Mechanical engineering technician salary depends upon the employer, prior experience and interviews. Typically: Entry-level electro-mechanical engineering technicians may earn $28,000 per year. With experience and working with minimal direction and supervision, the engineering technician earnings may increase to $38,000 per year. Advancing to supervision, the engineering technician may earn $48,000 per year. 

Program Offerings

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

The electro-mechanical engineering program offers an Associate degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology. This program uses classroom and laboratory experience to prepare graduates to work as electro-mechanical engineering technicians.

Industrial Mechanics (certificate)

This program is designed to afford the student who has successfully completed the first year of the Industrial Electricity/Electronics (IEE) program the option of complementing his or her electrical/electronics training with mechanical skills.

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