English Department

FDTC's English Department is made up of eight full-time faculty and dozens of valuable adjunct and online instructors.  The department offers developmental reading and writing classes and curriculum writing and literature classes.   The English Department's goal is to provide FDTC students with the reading and writing skills they need to succeed in all college level courses.

Mission Statement

The English Department is committed to offering a strong program that provides transfer opportunities for students and reinforces communications skills needed on the job.

The composition segment of the program is the universal course taken by all students enrolled in associate degree programs and is therefore an integral part of the general education for our students.

FDTC English classes combine traditional teaching techniques and new technology.  All 100-level composition classes and all technical writing classes are taught in computer classrooms.

Class size is small, allowing for more teacher-student interaction.

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K. Britton | L. Floyd | M. Hall | S. Holmes| T. Rardon | M. Rooze | A. Trusky | B. Tyner


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