Undeclared Applicants

A student may also enter the College as an undeclared student. An undeclared student is one who wishes to take courses for self-improvement and does not intend on entering a curriculum program. Undeclared students are not eligible for financial aid. An undeclared status student may take up to fifteen (15) credit hours. Students with 'undeclared' status must meet course pre-requisites and admissions test scores as designated by each course.

Transient Applicants

Transients are those who are already enrolled in another institution and wish to take courses to transfer back to the parent institution. No testing will be required if written permission is provided from the parent institution. If a transient student does not submit a transient form, the student will be required to submit satisfactory scores on either the SAT, ACT, or the college's placements test for entrance into their desired course(s).

It is the transient student's responsibility to verify that the courses taken at FDTC transfer back to the parent institution.