Transient Students

Transient students are enrolled at another institution and desire to take courses to transfer back to the parent institution. Students with a "transient" status are not required to submit proof of high school graduation. Transient students will submit a transient form, initiated by the parent institution, indicating the courses approved by the parent institution. If a transient student does not submit a transient form the student will be required to submit satisfactory scores on either the SAT, ACT, or the college's placement test for entrance into their desired course(s).

It is the transient student’s responsibility to verify that the courses taken at FDTC transfer back to the parent institution.

Transient Application and Enrollment Checklist:

1. Submit an online application for admission. Select "Undeclared" as your program name.
Select "Transient" as your admission status.
2. Submit a transient form from your parent institution.
3. Once accepted, you will receive the contact information for your assigned advisor. The advisor will make your class schedule.
4. Pay your tuition. The College accepts online payments. The online payment option is available by logging into WebAdvisor on the College's website and selecting, "Pay on my account". Payments can be made online by credit or debit card. Questions regarding payments should be directed to the Business Office at 843.661.8310.
5. Obtain your ID card from Student Activities. You will need your driver's license and class schedule. The Student Activities Office is located on the 1st floor of the 5000 Building. For hours of operation, call them directly at 843.661.8081.
6. Obtain your parking decal. You will need your driver's license, car registration, and class schedule. Contact Security at 843.661.8210 for additional information.

We are here to help! Contact the Admissions Office at 843.661.8289 for additional assistance.