Types of Financial Aid

Academic Scholarships

Facts:  Requirements:
South Carolina Military Department offers the following programs:
  • SC Army National Guard College Assistance (SCARNG-CAP)
  • SC Air National Guard College Assistance (SCANG-CAP)
  • CAP Funds can be used towards any certificate/license, associate or bachelor program. There is no penalty for changing majors of study. Students can continue to use these funds for each level until they reach the $18,000 cap or receive a bachelor's degree.
  • Be a qualified member of the SC National Guard or SC Air National Guard.
  • Be in good standing throughout the entire academic year for which benefits are payable.
  • Have valid tuition and fee expenses from an eligible institution.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress identified by the school.
How To Apply
  • Student completes SCNG or SCAR application.
  • National Guard/National Air Guard verifies eligibility and certifies application.
  • List of approved members is sent to CHE for distribution to schools.
  • Student notifies school of eligibility.
  • School confirms approval and makes award.
  • Continued eligibility is determined based on total number of hours, SAP, and membership standing with the National Guard/National Air Guard.