Tuition & Fees

Student Tuition

Student In-County* Out-Of-County** Out-Of-State Out-Of-Country
Full-Time per Semester
(12 hours or more)
$1,858 $1,989 $2,906 $3,954
Part-Time per Credit Hour ($154.80) ($165.80) ($241.80) ($329.30)
Technology Fee $50 $50 $50 $50
Activity Fee $35 $35 $35 $35
Total Tuition $1,943 $2,074 $2,991 $4,039

* Florence and Darlington County legal taxpaying residents.
** Based on residence at time of application

Part-Time Technology Fees

Hour(s) Fee
1 $ 4.20
2 $ 8.40
3 $12.60
4 $16.80
5 $21.00
6 $25.20
7 $29.40
8 $33.60
9 $37.80
10 $42.00
11 $46.20

Additional Fees

Part-time Status


The College reserves the right to change tuition and fee rates each term without prior notice.

Fees for auditing a course is the same as taking a course for credit. Minimum of 50 cents per contact hour is charged for any continuing education student. Additional Allied Health Science Fees may consist of a malpractice fee of $2.00 per clinical course, Nursing Test Fees ranging from $249 to $400.

By South Carolina law, persons sixty and over may be allowed free tuition and application fees on a space available basis. However, these persons must meet admission standards and not receive compensation as full-time employees.

The above fees do not include the cost of books, shop coats, uniform purchases, equipment, tools and material purchases, and graduation fee, which may be required.  Fees are subject to change in accordance with policies established by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education. All tuition fees must be paid or charged to financial aid, sponsor, scholarship or other source before attending class. Tuition, fees and book charges are the responsibility of the student. All institutional charges not paid by financial aid, sponsors, scholarships, loans, or other sources, must be paid by the student.

All tuition must be paid by the published due date each term.  During the term, circumstances may occur which results in a student's financial aid or scholarship being reduced or rescinded or other transactions occur which causes the student's tuition and/or books to be unpaid. At this time, the student should pay the balance in full. If the account is not paid, it will be placed in our billing cycle and the student's record will be frozen to any further activity. All future registrations will be cancelled and all transcripts will be held. After the student has received three bills, the account will be placed with a collection agency and the SC Tax Commission for collection.  The debtor will be assessed the cost of collection incurred in addition to the already outstanding amount.