Veterans Tuition Assistance Procedures

All students receiving V.A. educational payments must follow certain regulations.  These regulations are included in a handout entitled "V.A. Educational Assistance", available in the Registrar Services Office in Student Services.  Below are listed some of those regulations in condensed form:

  1. Veterans interested in receiving V.A. benefits should go to the Registrar's Office as soon as they are accepted into a program to apply for payment from the Veterans Administration.
  2. Eligibility for benefits extends for a period of ten years from the date of separation from active duty.  Eligibility is determined by different criteria for veterans who enter active duty after December 1976, and for spouses and children of veterans who died of service-connected causes.
  3. Payment for Transitional Studies is limited to two academic semesters and does not count against the veteran's entitlement.
  4. A student receiving veteran's benefits may take only subjects required for graduation in the curriculum in which he/she is enrolled.
  5. Veterans should notify the Registrar's Office of any changes in their class schedule.
  6. Veterans wishing to change to a different curriculum must first be accepted into the new curriculum by the Admissions Office and the Departmental Advisor, then he/she should go to the Registrar's Office to apply for V.A. approval of the new curriculum.
  7. Veterans must maintain satisfactory attendance, progress, and conduct, or their benefits will be terminated.  Eligible persons in technology and college transfer programs will be terminated for excessive absence at the discretion of their instructors in accordance with the general attendance policy of the College.  If the student is receiving an educational allowance and is enrolled in a non-degree program, his/her benefits will be terminated when his/her absences total 10% of the total scheduled class days for that class for the semester.  The Veterans Administration does not recognize absences for any reason as "Excused".
  8. Any subject not passed in two attempts may not be taken again for V.A. payment purposes.
  9. A veteran or eligible person will not be permitted to:
    1. Retake a subject more than once with grade of F.
    2. Retake subjects for which credit has been granted for previous training and receive benefits.
    3. Take a subject which is outside the curriculum, electives that are not compatible with curriculum, or electives which exceed requirements for graduation without special permission and/or state approval.
  10. A veteran can only receive benefits for those courses required for graduation in his/her curriculum.
  11. If a veteran has never used his/her V.A. benefits, the Registrar's Offices will need a copy of his/her discharge papers, DD-214.  Only the original or a certified copy can be accepted.
  12. If a veteran has used his/her benefits previously, the Registrar's Office will need to know his/her V.A. file number and the number of credit hours transferred from another institution.
  13. If an advisor or student receiving V.A. benefits has any questions not covered in the above list of condensed statements, they should contact the Registrar's Office on campus for further clarification or information.