Technical Rescue Training Facility - TRTF

"In partnerhip with" signNucor Steel of South Carolina / Nucor Cold Finish of South Carolina in partnership with Florence Darlington Technical College proudly announces the opening and of our new Confined Space and High Angle Rescue Training Complex.

The foundations of this training center have been firmly built on Nucor's unyielding commitment to the safety and health its employees, their families and the community in which we live in.

The building blocks of the training facility is two old tower silos that Nucor used many years ago. When it came time to recycle the two silos Nucor decide to put them to a better use.

By partnering with Florence Darlington Technical College (FDTC) and utilizing their vast knowledge and expertise in offering training and education we believe this training facility will become extremely beneficial for not only Nucor's own internal rescue squad, but also for many other industry teams as well as fire and rescue and EMS agencies in this area and around the state.

FDTC will take up the duties of care and management of the facility and all training inquiries should be addressed to FDTC. Please call Max Welch (843-413-2706) if you have an questions or need an additional information.

Want to see more?? Click here to watch an information video.