Adobe Reader for Netscape Directions

*Note!* We recommend you print this page so you can follow these steps while proceeding.

If you're ready to go to Adobe's site to download the Adobe Reader, click on this icon! Get Adobe PDF Reader

Your Internet Explorer browser will display the Adobe Reader download page as shown below.

Step One: Click the gold Continue button to begin the process.

Step one the Adobe website

Step Two: Click the button that says Save File to save the Adobe Reader Software to your computer's harddrive.
Step 2 Save
Step Four: This screen shows you that you have downloaded a file to be executed that will install the Adobe Reader software on you computer. The bottom part of this screen displays the name of the folder that you have instructed Netscape or Firefox to store downloaded files. (This can be changed in tools but is beyond the scope of this tutorial) Click the Open link.
Step four
Step Six: The software is now preparing itself to install. This screen shows the progress of that process.
Step six
Step Eight: This screen displays the progress of the software installation. You can also see what folder on your harddrive that the software will be stored to.
Step eight
Step Three: This screen displays the progress of the file being downloaded to your harddrive, as well as the name of the file you are downloading.
Step three
Step Five: This message is displayed by your operating system to notify you that you are about to install new software on your computer. Since the file was obtained from a trusted source (in this case the Adobe Reader website) click OK to continue.
Step five Continue
Step Seven: The Adobe Reader software is now ready to install on your harddrive. Click the Install button to continue.
Step seven
Step Nine: The software has completed the installation process and Adobe Reader is ready to use. Click the Finish button.
Step nine Install complete
Step Ten: Your computer needs to reboot for the changes to take effect. Clicking the Yes button will shut down the computer. After your computer reboots...restart your browser and return to the place you originally tried to view Adobe PDF documents on FDTC. You will now be able to view those PDF's at FDTC or those found anywhere else on the Internet.
Step ten Restart computer