Perkins IV Grant Program

What is the Perkins Grant Program?

The Perkins IV Grant Program is funded by the Carl Perkins Vocational Technical Education Act of 1998.  It is designed to provide supplemental academic and enrichment services for Florence-Darlington Technical College Students in the vocation and technical curriculum program areas, with special emphasis on the enrollment and retention of students in non-traditional program areas and special populations such as single parents, displaced homemakers, and disabled students.  Click here to apply online.

For more information, you may contact the Perkins IV Grant Program at 843.661.8281, 843.661.8081, or visit the Success Center in Room 300 in the 300 Building.

What services does the Perkins Grant provide?

Single Parent Program

The Single Parent Program seeks to provide financial, emotional, and educational support that will enable eligible men and women to develop survival skills and obtain appropriate career and technical training resulting in employment and self-sufficiency. The ultimate goal for the program is to empower its participants to lead productive and satisfying lives.   See Single Parent Application.

Internship Program

This program is available through Student Activities in cooperation with the Perkins Grant Program. This program provides students with the opportunity to work in industry. For more information please contact Student Activities at 661-8282.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Florence-Darlington Technical College is an equal opportunity institution and Florence-Darlington Technical College and (off-campus) employers do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, creed, marital status, veteran status, disability, sex, or age in its admission policies, programs, activities, or employment practices to include recruitment, hiring, assignment of work tasks, or scheduling.

Professional Development

Professional development for faculty and staff will be offered to promote understanding and support of student participants. Tracking and monitoring of student progress and attendance will be utilized in order to evaluate and serve as an early alert to potential problems and barriers to academic achievement in order to promote retention.

Who is eligible?

Florence Darlington Technical College students in technical programs are eligible to receive Perkins Grant Assistance.  Eligible students within the technical programs include those who are academically disadvantaged, are economically challenged, single parents, displaced homemakers, have a disability, have limited English proficiency, or are nontraditional students (a male in a female-dominated program or vice versa).

What support services are available?

To access the Perkins support services, a preliminary application must be completed in the Center or online.  The following are some of the services provided to Perkins IV Grant participants:

Contact Information

Perkins IV Grant Program

843.661.8281 or 843.661.8081

Success Center

Room 300, 300 Building.