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Q&A for 5000 Building Bridge Construction


Question:  When will construction on the bridge begin?

Answer:  Monday, February 7th with major work starting Thursday, February 10, 2022.


Question:  How long will the construction take? 

Answer:  Construction is expected to be complete by August 15, 2022. However, the speed of construction is largely dependent upon weather and other unforeseen factors.


Question:  What buildings will be impacted during construction?

Answer:  The 5000 Building will be directly impacted. The 100, 200, 300, and 7000 Buildings will be indirectly impacted from the increase in traffic.


Question:  Where will 5000 Building classes relocate during construction?

Answer:  5000 Building classes will relocate to 100, 200, 300, and 7000 Building classrooms.


Question:  What is the deadline for relocating classes?

Answer:  Monday, February 7, 2022.


Question:  What will happen to biology labs during construction?

Answer:  Biology labs will not relocate, and biology classes that have labs within 15 minutes of lecture will not have to relocate.


Question:  Will faculty offices in the 5000 Building have to relocate?

Answer:  No. Faculty offices will not have to relocate.


Question:  Beyond classes, will any other offices in the 5000 Building have to relocate?

Answer:  Student Activities will be located to other spaces on campus as events come up. All other offices in the 5000 Building will remain in place.


Question:  Will traffic patterns be affected?

Answer:  Yes.  The frontage road in front of the 5000 Building fountain will be One Way from the Darlington entrance to the Guard Shack.  One will only be able to access the lower 5000 Building parking lots off Dubard Boulevard from the Darlington entrance. Parking is limited in these lots. Dubard Boulevard will be blocked starting at Parking Lot D before reaching the top of the hill to allow pedestrian traffic safe access.   Please allow yourself additional time to enter the front main campus at either the Guard Shack or the Florence entrance traffic light.  Please reference the site map for clarity.


Question:  Where will faculty and students park if they have to visit the 5000 Building?

Answer:  Parking may be available on the Darlington side of the campus next to the pond, but those spaces will be limited. Additional parking will be available along the frontage road by the Security Shack and in the parking lots near the 300, 400, and 7000 Buildings.


Question:  Where do faculty and students enter the 5000 Building?

Answer:  If you park along the frontage road, you can access the walkway around the pond and take the entrance from the Darlington side of the 5000 Building. If you park in the 200, 300, or 7000 Building Parking Lots, you will need to walk down Dubard, towards the Darlington side of the 5000 Building. The only other entrance will be the glass doors near the Darlington side of the building desinged for ADA students.


Question:  Will the Student Center, Subway, and Bookstore be open during construction?

Answer:  Student Activities will be moved to other buildings, but Subway and the Bookstore will be open. 


Question:  How will I access the building if I have an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) mobility challenges? (Wheelchair,etc.)

Answer:  If you have mobility challenges you will enter the ADA doors near the Darlington side of the building.


Question:  Is the elevator still accessible in the 5000 Building?

Answer:  Yes, the elevator will still be operational during construction.





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