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About Us

Vision Statement

Florence-Darlington Technical College transforms diverse lives through excellence and innovation in education.

Mission Statement

Florence-Darlington Technical College provides a regional student-centered experience through technical education, workforce development training, and economic development activities.

Florence-Darlington Technical College strives to support its mission and achieve its vision through the following core values:

  1. Excellence - We foster excellent, high-quality education, training, and services for students, customers, and community and we support our employees so they may reach their full potential.
  2. Innovation - We champion efficient, customized technology-based training and solutions tailored to meet the needs of the workforce and to promote student success.
  3. Teaching and Learning - We offer a variety of accessible education options to include customer-oriented learning environments emphasizing certifications, work experience credit, competency-based outcomes, and self-paced individualized instruction. We endeavor to assess and maintain our programs to be relevant and high quality.
  4. Workforce Development - We strive to build and expand partnerships within the community, to include alumni, corporations, foundations and friends, in order to furnish products and services that transform lives and enrich experiences.
  5. Accountability - We adhere to fairness, honesty and integrity so that the college can achieve its goals in a responsible and efficient manner.

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