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Our People

The College employs 105 full time Faculty and 138 full time Staff personnel and an equivalent number of temporary staff, adjunct instructors, and work study students.

Five (5) percent of our Faculty have Doctorate Degrees, sixty eight (68) percent have a Master's Degree, sixteen (16) percent have a Bachelor Degree and eleven (11) percent have an Associate Degree or Technical Degree.

Three (3) percent of our Administrators and Staff have a Doctorate Degree, twenty three (23) percent have a Master's Degree, thirty eight (38) percent have a Bachelor Degree and thirty six (36) percent have an Associate Degree or less.

Eighteen (18) percent of our total workforce has 21-36 years of continuous service, twenty seven (27) percent have 11-20 years of service, twenty three (23) percent have 6-10 years of service, twenty one (21) percent have 1-5 years of service and eleven (11) percent have less than one year of service.  Our male to female ratio is forty (40) percent male to sixty (60) percent female.  Our minority to non-minority ratio is twenty eight (28) percent to seventy two (72) percent.

Florence-Darlington County Commission for Technical Education

  • Dr. Ershela Sims, Chair

  • Wanda James, Vice Chair

  • Dr. Meredith Taylor, Secretary

  • Kevin Etheridge

  • William Fleming

  • Missy Jay

  • Clint Moore

  • Dr. Leroy Robinson

  • Paul Seward

  • Hood Temple


State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education

  • Roger P. Schrum

    At-Large Member

  • Terry A. Hardesty

    1st Congressional District

  • Vacant

    2nd Congressional District

  • Anthony G. Barker

    3rd Congressional District

  • Edward G. Burns

    4th Congressional District

  • Ralph A. Odom, Jr.

    5th Congressional District

  • Gregory B. Askins

    6th Congressional District

  • Kathleen Richardson

    7th Congressional District

  • Warren A. Darby, Jr.

    At-Large Member

  • Orville S. Smith, III

    At-Large Member

  • Carolyn Swinton

    At-Large Member

  • Ellen Weaver

    S.C. Superintendent of Education
    Ex-Officio Member

  • Harry M. Lightsey, III

    Secretary of Commerce
    Ex-Officio Member

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