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FDTC Administration
Dillard, Ben
Office of the President 843-661-8000 5206
Roth, Mark
Senior Vice President and Director of Business Development
Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management & Student Services, SiMT, Gould Incubator, and Corporate Training 843-413-2740 S258
Bethea, Ed
Vice President, Academic Affairs/Marketing/Public Relations
Public Relations & Marketing 843-661-8060 5208D
Lewis, Jill
Vice President, Institutional Advancement & Development
Institutional Advancement & Development 843-661-8003 5207B
Dingle, Terry
Associate Vice President, Internal Relations, EEO Officer
Internal Relations 843-661-8321 5215B
Jones, Tyron
Associate Vice President, Information Technology, CIO
Information Technology 843-413-2803 S187
Dever-Bumba, Maureen
Associate Vice President of Allied Health
Academic Affairs - Allied Health 843-661-8141 F364
Lange, Douglas
Vice President, Business Affairs
Business Office 843-661-8300 5204B
David, Marc
Associate Vice President of Arts & Sciences
Academic Affairs - Arts & Sciences 843-661-8265 7220B
Dan Averette
Associate Vice President of Technical Education
Academic Affairs - Technical Education 843-661-8161 S243
Tiwari, Suresh
Research Specialist
Academic & Student Affairs 843-661-8101 5210B


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