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Financial Aid

How to Get Financial Aid



To help ease the financial burden for South Carolina college students and their families, the South Carolina General Assembly has created an income tax credit for tuition paid to South Carolina colleges and universities. To claim the credit, a Form SC 1040 must be filed. When preparing the South Carolina income tax return, Form I-319 Tuition Tax Credit must be completed. This form is included with all state individual income tax booklets. For more information about the tax credit, please visit the South Carolina Tuition Tax Credit website.


Important Dates

  • Any future Summer refunds will be transmitted to Bank Mobile weekly on Thursdays.  
  • 2019/2020 Loan Request form is available at forms.fdtc.eduIf you are not able to submit the form electronically, you can print and submit the paper application Loan Request.  
  • September 19, 2019 - Fall refunds will be tranmitted to Bank Mobile.  Any future Fall refunds will be transmitted to Bank Mobile weekly on Thursdays.  Financial Aid funds are released based upon the courses you are attending at the time.  You must be attending 6 credit hours for loan funds to be disbursed.

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