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Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy is required by the Department of
Education to ensure that students who are receiving financial aid are making measurable progress toward completion of their program within a reasonable period of time.  The financial aid office calculates each students status at the end of the semester after all grades have been reported.

Unusual Enrollment History

The Department of Education notifies the financial aid office of students who have attended multiple colleges during the previous three academic years.  These students must submit their transcripts from the colleges to the financial aid office.  The transcripts are reviewed to ensure the student is making progress toward their program of study while receiving financial aid.

Withdrawal and Return of Funds

A student who withdraws from all courses before completing 60% of the semester will be required to return a portion of the financial aid award.  Any student considering complete withdrawal should first come by the Financial Aid Office to discuss the return of funds before starting the withdrawal process.

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