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Student Loan Default Prevention Program

FDTC has a Loan Default Prevention Plan.  This means that the College may refuse to certify a loan.  Each loan application is reviewed individually to determine the student's eligibility.  Examples of conditions where a loan application may not be certified include, but are not limited to:  total student loan indebtedness, failure to meet satisfactory academic progress, enrollment status, and previous defaulted student loan(s). However, if the student's loan is denied the student may submit an appeal with appropriate documentation to the Director of Financial Aid.

All certificate and diploma programs that are less than two years will be limited to grade level one school certifications.  The maximum grade level for all Diploma programs that are at least 2 -years and Associate Degree programs are limited to grade level 2 statuses.   

A denial from the Director of Financial Aid for any reason may be appealed to FDTC's Appeals Committee.  The decision of this committee is final and may not be appealed.

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