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International Students


Under federal law of the United States, FDTC is authorized to enroll non-immigrant international students on F-1 and M-1 student visas.  Admission is subject to the requirements stated below and approval by the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services.  An international student interested in applying should write to the Admissions Office for application materials.  Application and all supporting documents must be received in the Office of Admissions at least three months prior to the day of registration for the term of entry.

All transcripts (submitted in English translation if the original is in another language), test scores, and other credentials become the property of the College and will not be returned or transferred to another institution.

It is recommended that all F-1 and M-1 visa students provide official immunization records and related documentation to verify condition of good health. Additionally, visa students are responsible for obtaining health and accident insurance.

All F-1 and M-1 visa students are subject to an out-of-country tuition as set by the County Commission.  Current tuition rates may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.  In addition to the College's general admission requirements, international students must fulfill certain requirements.


  1. An applicant must have English language ability adequate to enable the student to profit from instruction at the college level.  A student is not admitted solely for special training in English.  Adequacy of English proficiency is determined by a minimum 500 (paper based) 61 (internet-based) or 173 (computer-based) score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), administered worldwide by the Educational Testing Service, Box 6155, Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6155; if the test is not available in the applicant's area, results of a standardized test administered at a U. S. consulate or other authorized test center may be substituted.
  2. An applicant must offer evidence of academic achievement equivalent to an American high school education with a B (above average) record in secondary school subjects and meet the minimum SAT and/or TOEFL score required for the program of his/her choice.  It is the student's responsibility to submit all transcripts translated into English if the originals are in another language.  The SAT and/or TOEFL should be taken prior to coming to the United States.
  3. All applicants must present an affidavit of support for him/herself and for all members of his/her family who will accompany him/her to Florence during the period of attendance at the College.  Estimated costs include:   the out-of-country tuition fee; living expenses; textbooks and supplies; transportation to, from, and in the United States; and miscellaneous expenses.  An applicant should anticipate tuition and living cost increases in subsequent years.
  4. At the opening of a semester, an applicant must be at least 18 years of age.   An exception to this is a graduate of an accredited United States high school.
  5. All international students who are accepted must take the College's placement tests.  Placement into the appropriate level of courses will be determined by the tests. International students must arrange to be on campus approximately one week prior to registration for the proposed term of entry.  Failure to complete placement tests may result in denial of acceptance into programs.

Limitations & Exceptions

  1. An international student accepted by another college in the United States must attend that institution for at least one year before applying for transfer to FDTC.  Transfer students from other colleges must have completed at least a "C" average and have approval for transfer from the institution of attendance.
  2. A foreign national in the United States as a visitor or tourist will be considered for admission in F-1 or M-1 visa status upon completion of the application for change of status.  If admitted, he/she cannot enroll until he/she provides proof of approval of status change from visitor status to F-1 or M-1 by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.  However, it is strongly recommended for the visitor to return to their country of residence and re-enter via the I-20 student visa process.

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An international student must attend the College full-time for at least a year before a request for employment is allowed.  You must document urgency of financial need with extenuating circumstances.  The Immigration and Naturalization Service grant approval of authorization to work.

International Student Housing

International students must make arrangements for their own housing within the FDTC area.  The College does not provide living accommodations.

Maximum Period of Enrollment

An international student is expected to complete a program in the most expeditious manner possible, generally in two years. Three years of post-secondary enrollment is the maximum permitted.

Regulations for International Students

International students should become familiar with the regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and assume responsibility for complying with test regulations as well as college regulations on student conduct and enrollment and comply with those regulations.  A student who drops below full-time enrollment is subject to removal from the College.  The Immigration and Naturalization Service will be notified in such cases.

Types of Visas

Students with visas other than F-1 and M-1 status may be eligible to attend Florence-Darlington Technical College subject to meeting admissions requirements and the visa guidelines of their current status.  Once admitted, such students will be subject to out of country tuition.

International Student Services

The Admissions Office is responsible for all immigration related matters, as well as programming for the international community.  In addition, advisors are available to counsel and direct students in a wide variety of personal and academic areas.  We promote multi-cultural awareness through a wide variety of activities.  Students are encouraged to visit the Admissions  Office on a regular basis and get to know the staff.  We would like all international students to feel comfortable about discussing their problems with the advisors in a confidential and positive atmosphere.

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