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Alert: Due to the threat of inclement weather, FDTC will operate remotely on Friday January 21, 2022. Please check your email and D2L for more information.

Placement Tests

All test are taken at the Assessment Center.

  1. ACCUPLACER or ASSET is used for entry into all programs.
    • Students are required to meet the appropriate placement test scores in Reading, Writing, and Math in order to be accepted into their respective curricula. See specific programs for additional requirements.
    • Transfer or Readmit students who have successfully completed ENG 101 with a grade of 'C' or better at an accredited U.S. college will be exempt from the reading and writing placement test. Appropriate testing may be required prior to taking math courses.
    • Students who do not meet the appropriate placement test scores to enter their curriculum will be placed in developmental courses.  Additional placement testing may be required in some cases.
    • Students may progress by completion of approved reading, English, and math courses with a "C" or better for all majors.
    • All re-tests being taken within 1 year of any previous ACCUPLACER or Asset testing will require payment of a $10.00 re-test fee, payable in the Business Office. Payment receipts must be presented to the Assessment Center at the time of re-testing.
  • Students who require special assistance or accommodations for testing should contact the Director of Student Support & Grant Programs at 843.661.8029.  Appropriate documentation must be submitted prior to testing.

All students must take the appropriate Placements Tests except:

  1. An applicant with an associate, undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited U.S. college or university.  An official transcript is required to award class placement. Additional testing may be required if transfer courses are not equivalent to FDTC courses.
  2. Transfer or re-admit students who have successfully completed ENG 101. In addition, appropriate testing may be required prior to taking math courses.

Request Release of Placement Test Scores

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