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Alert: FDTC continues to adhere to federal and state directives on social distancing. Students, faculty and staff are not to return before May 1, 2020. FDTC's administrative and instructional operations continue, employees have transitioned to telecommuting work and are available to service your requests. All instruction is now online, instructors, tutors and other services are meeting face-to-face via conferencing technologies. Students should be checking their e-mail accounts for information about signing into their classes in D2L and other information. Please rest assured that we will be offering you a robust online solution to help you successfully complete your semester. For COVID-19 updates please visit for the latest updates.

Financial Information


Course and program fees vary and are based on course expense. Community Interest programs are offered on a self-supporting basis.


Age Limitations

Normally students under 16 years of age may take continuing education courses with the written approval of a parent or guardian. Some courses are not available to minors due to South Carolina laws or due to the discretion of the instructor (primarily for safety concerns).

Senior Citizen Discounts

Due to the nature of continuing education funding, senior citizens pay the same fees as other students for all courses. Certain courses with "senior citizen" in the course title show tuition fees as listed for those courses.

Please review our current course schedule below for courses and fees.

Tech Express

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CE Course Cancellations

When the enrollment of a course or program is below the required number, the course may be cancelled at the discretion of the Program Manager.  Students affected by such cancellations are informed of the alternatives available.

CE Refunds

Requests for refunds will be accepted up to 48 hours (2 working days) before a course starts.  Requests must be made directly to the Continuing Education office by telephone (843-413-2715) or in person.  Automatic refunds will be processed on courses cancelled by the College.


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