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Upward Bound

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Upward Bound is one of the federally funded TRiO grant programs housed at Florence-Darlington Technical College.  The program offers assistance to high school students in the development of the skills and motivation necessary to succeed in pre-college performance and ultimately in higher education pursuits.    Participants receive instruction and tutoring in English, literature, composition, SAT Math and Verbal, mathematics, science, and foreign language.  In addition to academic support, participants are provided with the opportunity to attend cultural events, workshops, and seminars. Information on college preparation, career development, financial aid and scholarships is also provided.

The Components

There are three components to FDTC's Upward Bound Program, all of which are free to participants:

  • The Academic Component  provides academic instruction and tutoring.  This component is held from August through May. Instruction and tutoring are offered on Saturdays at FDTC.  Tutoring sessions are also held at their respective high schools. Students participate in various social, academic, and cultural group activities. Students are paid a $12 stipend each Saturday.
  • The Summer Component  consists of a variety of academic, social and cultural activities at both non-residential and residential college programs.  This component consists of a 4-week non-residential program at FDTC and a one week residential program at Francis Marion University, followed by a one week trip. Students are paid a $15 stipend per week. All activities provided to participants are free of charge.
  • The Bridge Component offers opportunities for high school seniors to earn three college credits at no cost.

The Values

The Values and Strengths of the FDTC Upward Bound Program include the following...

  • Provide a sense of belonging for students
  • Enhance and promote family growth
  • Inspire a positive self-esteem in students
  • Provide a nurturing and safe environment
  • Provide direction for developing a sense of vision, hope and goal setting
  • Provide a holistic approach to learning
  • Encourage students to go to college

The Upward Bound Staff is:

  • Skilled, qualified and educated
  • Focused, cohesive and has a passion for each student
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Respectful to students and parents
Are you a high school student interested in taking part in the Upward Bound program? Just complete the application form and you're on your way.


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