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All of FDTC's summer lecture courses will be online. Courses with a lab, shop or clinical experience will be hybrid, with the lecture portion online. Students will be brought on to campus or sent to clinical sites for hands-on training when it is safe to do so.

FDTC is tentatively planning to return to normal on-campus operations for the Fall Semester should guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control allow it. 


Question: Are FDTC satellite campuses closed?

Answer: Yes. The main campus and satellite campuses are closed to the public.


Question:  Are spring classes canceled?

Answer: No. Effective Monday, March 16, FDTC is immediately transitioning to online delivery for all courses. By Monday, March 23, 2020, all face-to-face (f2f) classes will be transitioned to an online format.  Classes will be online for the remainder of the semester.


Question:  Is the college open to the public?

Answer:  FDTC is closed to the public.  Our goal is to continue providing critical services like instruction, advising and registration while the college is closed.  We will be available to assist you by phone, email, and other communication methods.


Question:  How do new, returning, or current students communicate with Admissions if the College is closed to the public?

Answer:  Please email with questions or to provide a call back number. You may also call our direct line at 843-661-8289 to speak to an Admissions Representative during normal business hours.


Question:  What are the normal remote hours for Admissions?

Answer:  Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.


Question:  Is attendance required since face-to-face (f2f) courses will be moved online?

Answer:  Attendance online is mandatory, but it’s flexible.  Per the Online College, students must log on at least two-three times per week (or every 48 hours). A minimum of two assignments must be completed each week. Students must adhere to assignment deadlines.  Online classes are structured learning environments and not correspondence courses.


Question:  How can dual enrollment students access content when high schools are also closed?

Answer:  FDTC main campus and satellite campuses will be closed to the public. If dual students do not have internet access or access to computers they will need to reach out to their schools for laptop options and access free internet options that may be offered by school districts and internet providers.


Question:  How will the college communicate with students online?

Answer:  Students should check their FDTC email accounts and log in to courses via D2L.  Instructors will provide course content through Webex or Zoom.  Instructors will communicate with students through D2L and email.


Question:  My course had a lab/clinical.  How will that be handled since the college is closed to the public?

Answer:  Starting the week of April 1, HSC instructors and Technical Program instructors may begin offering virtual labs/clinical sessions in settings half the capacity of the specific lab space utilized for instruction for graduating students only. This number allows us to honor social distancing mandates.  Science labs (BIO, CHM, PHS, PHY) will be completed online for the spring semester


Question:  Will faculty still have office hours?

Answer: Faculty will continue to hold 8 weekly virtual office hours through one or more of the following internet platforms: YouSeeU (D2L), Zoom, Skype, Webex, FaceTime, Remind, etc. 


QuestionIs FDTC offering summer classes? 

AnswerYes!  ?The college will be monitoring the governor's orders and following advice from the state.  We hope to offer classes face-to-face this summer, but classes may initially begin online if the current situation warrants it.  Please stay tuned.  A list of our available summer courses is located here:


Question:  How do I get in touch with an advisor?

Answer:  Faculty advisors are easily reached through email.  A list of advisors for each program may be found here:


Question:  How will faculty advise students?

Answer:  In addition to email, faculty will be using a variety of internet platforms to communicate with students including YouSeeU (D2L), Zoom, Skype, Webex, FaceTime, or the Remind app.


Question:  I need a computer to complete my class online.  Can I borrow one?

Answer:  Yes!  The FDTC library has a limited number of laptop loaners available to students.  To get on the list, please email


Question:  I am an FDTC student and am supposed to complete my program and graduate this May.  Will a graduation ceremony be held in May?

Answer:  The annual graduation ceremony planned for May 2020 has been delayed.  It will be rescheduled at a date later this year (to be determined).  Please watch our website or your FDTC student email for communications about a new date.  However, once all academic work is complete. Students will be graduated out in the system with no delay, and all degrees, diplomas, and certificates will be mailed to student’s home address listed on the graduation application.


Question:  Is the library open?

Answer:  The library will not be open while the college is closed to the public.  However, you may access live chat which is available by clicking on the “Ask a Librarian” link on the library’s web page or from a research guide.  Chat hours are 8 AM -7 PM Monday – Thursday and 8 AM -11 AM on Friday. Students are also able to access library resources from our website:


Question:  How will the college provide updates to faculty, staff, and students if there are changes?

Answer:  Students, faculty, staff and the community will be informed via the website and social media. During this unprecedented time, we strive to provide a high level of instruction and customer service. 


Question: Do work study students need to report for duty?

Answer: No. Not until further notice.


Question: If students are already enrolled in online classes, will classes continue as scheduled?

Answer: The purpose of extending Spring Break was to allow for social distancing and to allow faculty to move face to face courses online. If you are already enrolled in an online course, that course will continue or operate on its regular start date.


Question: Have any students tested positive for the Coronavirus?

Answer: To date, we are unaware of any FDTC student who has tested positive for the Coronavirus.


Question: Will the college still hold regularly scheduled events?

Answer: All regularly scheduled academic and extracurricular events have been cancelled or postponed.


Question: Is the Financial Aid Office open to help me?

Answer: Yes. For assistance with your financial aid, please email If you have documents you need to submit, please scan or take a picture of the document and send to this email address also. Additionally, we will be responding to email and processing documents during this time.


Question:  How can a student add, drop, or withdraw from a class when the college is closed?

Answer:  Students can drop/withdraw from any class via-Webadvisor.  The registrar’s staff will be on hand as a support throughout the semester and can assist students with withdrawals by emailing  

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