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Dr. Jermaine Ford Meets with Electrician Students

Florence-Darlington Technical College’s newly elected president, Dr. Jermaine Ford spent his first week of his new job getting to know the faculty, staff and students. 

One of his visits included a tour of the FDTC Hartsville Site, where he spoke with students in the first class of the newly launched Electrician Program.  The Hartsville Site just launched the program this fall. The Electrician Certificate Program introduces students to the exhilarating world of electricity and the theories behind the energy that makes it spark.

“The Electrician field is growing rapidly and technicians can command a good starting salary,” said Dr. Ford. “I look forward to hearing and seeing great things from all of you.”

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have developed the skills needed to be an entry-level electrician and pass any test that may be needed to acquire a license that most state require.

Once an electrician, the opportunities are endless. Graduates can go on to jumpstart their own business, or they can work in factories, on construction sites or in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

Semester Curriculum:

Semester 1

EEM 105: Basic Electricity

EEM 117: AC/DC Circuits I

EEM 165: Residential/Commercial Wiring

EEM 172: Electrical Print Reading

Semester 2

EEM 121: Electrical Measurements

EEM 140: National Electrical Code

EEM 145: Control Circuits

EEM 170: Electrical Installation

EEM 235: Power Systems

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