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FDTC and Coker University Forge a Path to Success

Florence-Darlington Technical College (FDTC) and Coker University are thrilled to announce a new educational partnership through a 2+2 agreement, aiming to create seamless academic pathways for students pursuing bachelor's degrees. Under this agreement, FDTC students can now easily transition into Coker University's bachelor's degree programs, receiving full credit for their coursework and realizing their academic dreams.

Coker University has approved the acceptance of the following FDTC degree programs:

1. Early Care and Education Degree – Students who obtain this degree from FDTC, can seamlessly transfer into Coker’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

2. Accounting Degree - Transfers into Coker's Business Administration-Accounting program, with all 66 hours being fully recognized.

3. Management Degree - Seamlessly integrates into Coker's Business Administration Management and Leadership program, with all 66 hours being transferable.

4. Marketing Degree - Aligns with Coker's Business Administration Sales and Marketing program, where all 66 hours are transferable.

5. Computer Technology Degree - Allows students to enter various Computer Science in Information Technology tracks at Coker, including Game Development, Computer Technology, and Cybersecurity, with all 63 hours from FDTC being recognized.

"We are excited to partner with Coker University to provide our students with a clear and affordable pathway to further their education,” FDTC President Dr. Jermaine Ford said. “We recognize there is a need in our community for more teachers, accountants, marketers, and computer technologists. Because of this need, we want to make sure it is extremely easy for people interested in these career paths to pursue them. This agreement not only streamlines the transfer process but also opens up new opportunities for our students to pursue their academic and career goals."

This agreement brings several significant benefits to students who choose to utilize it including:

Seamless Transition: All academic hours can be transferred, making it easier for students to pursue a Bachelor's Degree at Coker University.

Time Efficiency: Students can complete their Bachelor's Degree at Coker in just two additional years.

Cost-Effective: FDTC's cost-effective classes provide substantial financial savings for students during their initial two years with the college.

“This partnership between Coker and FDTC is critical for the continued economic growth of Pee Dee Region,” Coker University President Dr. Natalie Harder said. “With a 2 + 2 agreement, we are highlighting our commitment to developing a knowledgeable and skilled workforce for Darlington, Florence and surrounding counties. Students who transfer to Coker from FDTC bring incredible energy and experience to our campus, and I look forward to their continued success at the University!”

Students can begin taking advantage of this opportunity immediately. Anyone who is interested in beginning their career journeys in one of these programs should contact FDTC’s Admissions office at: Phone: 843-661-8289 Text: 843-351-1940 or Email:

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