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FDTC Hosts Electric Graduation with Many Firsts

FLORENCE, S.C.  (May 17, 2022) – Florence-Darlington Technical College’s (FDTC) Graduation Ceremony on Thursday was absolutely electric as hundreds of graduates walked across the stage to receive their degrees, diplomas and certificates.

“I have attended hundreds of graduations throughout the years, but this was my favorite thus far,” said FDTC President Dr. Jermaine Ford.

The ceremony marked the first for Dr. Ford, who arrived at FDTC last October to serve as the institution’s fifth president. By the end of Dr. Ford’s opening remarks, the crowd was going wild with electric energy, setting up the night for a special celebration.

“FDTC’s North Star is student success,” Dr. Ford said. “I’m proud of all our graduates, as well as our faculty and staff. My journey started at Moraine Valley Community College in 1994 with my Associates Degree. In 2022, I got an opportunity to pay it forward and witness my graduates accomplish their first degrees and certificates. Education does matter!”

This year’s graduation also marked the first for FDTC’s new ceremonial mace that was manufactured on-campus at the SiMT. The mace symbolizes FDTC’s integrity and its promise to put students first. It was used to lead graduation on Thursday, and it will be used during future events as well.

“It was an honor to be the first Mace bearer at Florence-Darlington Technical College,” said Faculty Senate President and Paralegal Instructor, Tracy Evans. “As the Faculty Senate President, I had the privilege of leading the procession and sitting on the Dias. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve my college.”

Nursing alumna and City of Florence Mayor, Teresa Myers Ervin served as the guest speaker. Throughout her speech, she shared her life story and her journey through FDTC’s Nursing program.

“It was our motto that if you could get through Florence-Darlington Tech through that Nursing program, you could pass the Board, and you could do anything from that point,” Mayor Myers Ervin said.

She continued and said, “It’s okay to be great. It’s okay to be the first. Go ahead, and shine. Light up the universe with your talent, and if anyone can’t stand your shine, let them put on shades. You go ahead and do it anyway. I’m going to ask you, as a part of your alumni, keep it moving, and as you’re moving, allow everyone to know that you graduated from Florence-Darlington Technical College. One of the leading colleges in this state. A college that is committed to the community. A college that is committed to being sure that you have a future. That you have a job in a career that you have chosen. Keep it moving.”

FDTC’s 600-plus graduates will now have an opportunity to enter the workforce or continue their higher education at a four-year institution.

For individuals in the community, if you are looking to advance your career, you still have an opportunity to register for Fall 2022 Semester classes that begin in August. FDTC has its main campus in Florence, and it also has a Health Sciences location in the downtown area. There is also a FDTC site in Hartsville, Mullins and Lake City at The Continuum. FDTC has a Cosmetology Center in Darlington as well.

For more information on the upcoming Fall 2022 Semester at FDTC, please visit or call 843-661-8324.

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