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Program Outcomes

The faculty of the Florence Darlington Technical College (FDTC) school of nursing used the six QSEN competences as a foundation to redefine the student program learning outcomes. The outcomes were leveled across four levels of the curriculum to show a progression from simple to complex knowledge, skills, and behaviors. Each course of the curriculum has a set of outcomes derived from the leveling of outcomes. As the student successfully completes each course in a level, the student will achieve the level outcomes which ultimately leads to achievement of the program outcomes.

Patient-Centered Care/Safety

SLO - Exemplify safe and competent patient-centered nursing care by providing evidence-based clinical decisions and encouraging patient/family involvement in care decisions, for a culturally diverse population.

Level 1 - Define and recall patient safety goals and competence patient-centered care in fundamental clinical nursing skills and medications.
Level 2 - Demonstrates safe and competent patient-centered care and medication administration to the culturally diverse population under the supervision of the instructor in a healthcare setting.
Level 3 - Applies patient-centered care to the culturally diverse population with minimal assistance under the guidance of nursing faculty.
Level 4 - Integrate principles of patient-centered care, safety, and holistic care that addresses the needs of a diverse populations across lifespans.


SLO - Demonstrate professional, ethical, and legal behaviors consistent with the standards of practice and regulatory frameworks of the registered professional nurse.

Level 1 - Defines professional behaviors when caring for patients in a healthcare environment.
Level 2 - Demonstrates professional behaviors while providing patient care.
Level 3 - Applies professional behaviors while advocating for patient-centered care.
Level 4 - Defend the use of ethical behavior while caring for patients in healthcare settings.


SLO - Utilize clinical technology to retrieve and monitor essential information to support patient care, and document nursing care.

Level 1 -Access electronic medical record systems.
Level 2 - Accesses and demonstrate competence in using the medical record systems under faculty supervision.
Level 3 - Applies technology and information management tools to support safe processes of care and evaluate impact on patient outcomes.
Level 4 – Integrated the use of technologies, information system, and communication devices that support safe, and effective patient care.


SLO - Uses evidence-based research to formulate appropriate plan of care for diverse patients across the lifespan.

Level 1 - Defines evidence-based practice and its impact on patient care.
Level 2 - Utilizes evidence-based practice and formulate a plan of care to address patient healthcare needs.
Level 3 - Implements evidence-based practice interventions with assistance.
Level 4 - Differentiates clinical opinion from evidence-based research.

Critical Thinking

SLO - Engages in the critical-thinking process by using evidence-based practice to provide patient-centered care.

Level 1 - Defines critical thinking and concept mapping.
Level 2 - Utilizes the nursing process emphasizing critical thinking when providing patient care.
Level 3 - Applies critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and judgement for adult and pediatric patients and/or multi-system problems in acute and critical care settings with supervision.
Level 4 - Formulate and demonstrate critical thinking/clinical reasoning strategies when providing nursing care and implementing quality improvement related to patient care.


SLO - Collaborate with members of the inter-professional health care team, patient, and family to provide safe, quality health care.

Level 1 - Identifies members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.
Level 2 - Interacts and communicates with members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.
Level 3 - Provides clear and concise written, electronic, and verbal communications with the healthcare team.
Level 4 - Collaborates with all members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team when providing patient care.

Lifelong Learners

SLO - Integrates a spirit of inquiry and innovative thinking by engaging to develop a caring professional identity and enhance professional practice.

Level 1 - Defines lifelong learning.
Level 2 - Identifies professional resources that encourage lifelong learning.
Level 3 - Examines the qualities of a lifelong learner.
Level 4 - Discusses the relevance of seeking continuing education credits and professional organization memberships.

Course Level Structure

Level 1 - NUR 134, NUR 165, NUR 105
Level 2 - NUR 106, (Former PHARM 117) NUR 265, NUR 241, NUR 201
Level 3 – NUR 266, NUR 243
Level 4 - NUR 267, NUR 239

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