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RUSH Program

The RUSH program (Removing Underserved Student Hurdles) is a Department of Education grant for African American students who are enrolled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Healthcare programs. The program was created to improve students' overall college success, completion rates, and the improvement of educational outcomes in STEM.

The RUSH Program offers:

  • Student counseling
  • Specialized student tutoring
  • Book loan program
  • Cultural activities
  • 4-year college tours
  • Assistance with possible internships
  • Academic support services

The RUSH program's objectives are to:

(1) Increase the number of students who test into college-level courses in STEM or Healthcare by 2% each year. 

(2) Decrease the time to credential completion in STEM and Healthcare degrees.

(3) Increase retention rates by 2% per year by implementing student academic and support services.

(4) Increase the numbers of students who successfully complete a STEM or Healthcare Associate’s Degree within 150% of normal time.

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For additional information about RUSH., please contact us at 843-661-8038 or visit us in the 5000 building, room 5313.

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