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Student Life

FDTC Student Life | Engagement

At FDTC, Student Success is our top priority! The Office of Student Life works to ensure that every student enjoys the journey and is equipped with the social, emotional, financial, physical, intellectual, and mental aspects for personal growth and development. We strive for excellence in providing high quality programs and leadership activities that empower students throughout their learning process. 

FDTC offers students the opportunity to become student leaders, engage in civic and service learning, and personalize connections at events by joining a club or student organization. At FDTC, students build a life-long network of relationships with fellow members of the FDTC Stinger Nation and communities served!

Student Life

Student Life develops, implements, and manages all aspects of student activities to include Student Government Association activities, Clubs and Organizations, the Student Ambassadors Program, and “Free” Campus and Community Resources and Services. Student Life is charged with promoting the College's mission of student success in response to the needs of a culturally diverse student population.

Student Life Policy

The college believes that the provision of a viable and effective Student Activities program serves to complement academic instruction which ultimately facilitates the development of the total student.

The Student Activities Program provides leadership opportunities, establishes supplemental learning experiences, volunteerism, student success and engagement. This is accomplished through student governance, student organizations, community partnerships, other developmental activities, and appointments to college committees.

Contact Information:


Phone: 843-676-8590

Office: 100 Building- Room 108B

Activity Locations:

  • Student Center- 5000 building, 1st Floor
  • The Courtyard- between the 300 and 100 buildings

Student Clubs and Organizations

The Alpha, Beta, Gamma Organization (Radiology) exists for the purpose of broadening the professional growth of Radiology Students through student outreach, a high standard of integrity, and good will.

The South Carolina Early Childhood Association’s Mission is to provide leadership that results in high quality early care and education for every child from birth to age 8 in SC

The Human Services Student Organization: The purpose of this organization is for students to participate in community service projects, connect with peers and engage with professionals in Human Services and related public service fields.

The Student Government Association (SGA) acts as the liaison between the Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Students. SGA fulfills the mission set forth by the administration and is the model for student leadership, community service, and proactive student clubs and organizations.

As a direct affiliate of the Student Government Association (SGA), the Student Ambassadors Program serves in a leadership capacity and demonstrates the importance of outreach, volunteerism, and engagement for student success. Monthly projects and activities reflect student issues and a holistic approach to maintaining a successful student body.

Interested in starting a club? FDTC - Student Life - Student Organizational Charter ApplicationCharter Approval Information: FDTC - Student Life - Student Organization Charter Approval

Honor Societies

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) has recognized academic excellence in the two-year college since 1918 and is the largest and most prestigious honor society serving two-year colleges worldwide. Membership is based primarily upon academic achievement, and invitation to membership may only be extended by the local chapter at the institution in which you are enrolled. To be eligible:”

  • A student must have completed at least 12 hours of coursework leading to an associate’s degree program; part-time students are also eligible.
  • A student must have a 3.5 GPA or higher

“The Mission of Phi Theta Kappa is two-fold:”

  • “Recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students, and”
  • “Provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in PTK’s four hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.”

“Members of PTK are eligible to compete for special scholarships and have the opportunity to network with 3 million fellow scholars worldwide.”

“The letters of PTK are significant.”

  • “Phi represents Wisdom”
  • “Theta represents Aspiration”
  • "Kappa represents Purity"

Stingers Nest Food Pantry

The mission of the Stingers Nest Food Bank is to help provide for the needs of our students by gathering and sharing quality food with dignity and compassion. The food bank is located on the first floor of the 5000 Building and offers free dry good provisions to all students.

Process: Visit the Office of Student Life to complete the Stingers Nest Food Pantry Application or download the application here.

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