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Student Resources

SC Thrive - Quality of Life Resources

SC Thrive is a nonprofit offering solutions to South Carolinians in need of accessing resources but facing a multitude of barriers. With several online services, training programs and strategic partnerships, SC Thrive helps simplify complex processes and gives people more efficient access to needed resources so they can move to stability.

Access SC Thrive Here

Student Assistance

As an FDTC student, you have completely free and limitless access to our student assistance program.

Your Student Assistance Program is here to help you face the challenges of balancing school with work or other responsibilities. Help is available from a network of qualified professionals. When you call the toll-free number, a Student Assistance Consultant will respond to your request thoroughly and promptly. And when you log on to the Student Assistance Website.

Access Your Student Assistance Online

Or feel free to call any time toll free 844-523-3363, or TTD/TTY at 877-845-6465.

Achieving balance through total well-being and support.

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