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Academic Advising

Students are assigned advisors when they enter FDTC.  Students should see their advisor each semester to plan a schedule of classes for the next semester, or register through WebAdvisor.  Each student is responsible for completion of all requirements in their program.  Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor or the Enrollment Management staff in the 100 building whenever questions about academics arise.

Student Course Loads

Students who wish to enroll in nineteen (19) credit hours or more must have the approval of their appropriate Associate Vice President.

Students who wish to enroll in a lower level course that is not required by their declared curriculum or is below the level that they have achieved must have approval of their academic advisor and their appropriate Associate Vice President.

Auditing of Courses

A student who desires to attend classes regularly but does not wish to take examinations or receive credit may register as an auditor.  A record of classes attended will be maintained.  No credit is awarded for such courses and cannot be granted at a later date.  A student enrolled in a course for credit cannot change to audit after the add/drop period.  Students are expected to pay normal tuition per credit hour to enroll in audited courses.

Federal regulations will not allow students to receive financial aid for the courses being audited.

Course Substitution

Curriculum department heads have the right to authorize course substitutions for those prescribed in the standard course outlines.  Such substitutions may be necessary because:

  • program courses change
  • content of another course is deemed equivalent
  • curriculum department head determines that it will meet the student's educational objective


Many courses require prerequisite courses and/or test scores. FDTC's computer system will automatically block registration when a prerequisite course and/or placement test score is required for enrollment in the course and if FDTC records do not show that you have met the prerequisite(s).

Prerequisite Course Regulation

Students who fail any course that is a prerequisite to another course will not be allowed to take that class until the prerequisite course has been repeated and passed or otherwise satisfactorily made up.  Special approval may be granted jointly by the appropriate Associate Vice President and the student's advisor.

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