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Program Information and Resources

Perkins IV Grant Program

The Perkins Grant Program is a student support service program funded by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational Technical Education Act. It is designed to provide supplemental academic and enrichment services for Florence-Darlington Technical College students in the vocational and technical curriculum program areas. This will increase emphasis on the enrollment and retention of students in non-traditional program areas and special populations. The following services are provided to Perkins IV Grant participants:

  • Limited Academic & Personal Counseling
  • Tutorial Assistance (Online and Individual)
  • Career Planning Assistance and Referrals
  • Financial Aid Information & Planning Referrals
  • Individual Needs Assessment
  • Workshops / Seminars (based on student need)

For more information, you may contact the Perkins IV Grant Program Coordinator at 843.661.8119

Introduction to Tutoring in the Success Center

Tutors work one on one (if possible) and in groups offering academic support and expertise to students. Some tutors have general knowledge of many subjects, while others specialize in certain courses. It is the tutor's responsibility to meet the needs of the student. Tutors play a vital role in the academic success of FDTC students. The goal of every tutor is to help students achieve success.

It is important for tutors to understand that they are contracted employees of Florence Darlington Technical College (FDTC) and as such are subject to rules/regulations governing all FDTC employees. As a tutor in the Success Center, a healthy relationship should be developed between the tutor and the students that you will be working with as well as other FDTC employees. Tutors are important to the success of our program. We are a team!

Webster's New World Dictionary, 1988, defines a "tutor" as a teacher who gives individual instruction to a student.

Success Center tutors work with individuals, small groups, and large groups. These sessions help improve students ability to succeed academically.

Tutor's role

A tutor's role is to assist students with the completion of requirements for their course and contribute to the development of independent learning. Tutors will work with a diverse population of students in many different technical curriculum areas.

Tutoring purpose

Tutoring is offered to provide academic/preparation and support, assist in the reduction of failure rates, and help with the development of basic skills.  Tutors also assist in retention, the development of a positive attitude towards learning and effective study habits, and self-confidence in order to increase the student's understanding of the subject matter.

Tutors Must

  • If a student, maintain 3.0 GPA
  • Possess subject proficiency and knowledge
  • Respect student as an individual
  • Build student's confidence through honest encouragement
  • Listen to the student
  • Show patience and understanding of the student's abilities
  • Maintain confidentiality of information shared by students and/or faculty
  • Interact with students without prejudice
  • Respect diversity of all students
  • Not use a tutoring/counseling situation to promote personal belief systems
  • Continue to expand knowledge in your field
  • Be a resource to students, do not do the student's work for them
  • Remember that the only stupid question is the question not asked
  • Remember, anger has no place in the tutoring environment
  • Always be on time for tutoring sessions and scheduled lab hours
  • Remain professional at all times
  • Not judge someone's ability or intellect based on appearance or age

Daily Tasks

  • Please welcome students with a smile and offer assistance!
  • Direct all students to sign in and out on the sign-in computer.
  • Ask each student to complete appropriate program information.
  • Familiarize yourself with Center resources.
  • Answer telephone and take messages (Success Center, your name, how may I help you)
  • Time not spent tutoring must be used to complete Success Center related activities.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Perkins IV Grant.
  • Check your mailboxes daily! 

Tutoring Sessions

The First Tutoring Session

During the first tutoring session, tutors and students should

  • Introduce themselves and complete appropriate program intake forms
  • Discuss why the student is seeking help
  • Discuss expectations for future tutoring sessions
  • Set realistic and measurable goals

Typical Sessions

Every tutoring situation will be a unique experience, but there are some basic strategies to getting the most out of a session.

  • What does the student know?
  • What does the student not know?
  • Clarify goals
  • Get to know the student
  • Be realistic about time frame and outcome
  • Provide examples
  • Require class notes and assignments
  • Be prepared for anything

Difficult Tutoring Sessions

Most tutoring sessions will go smoothly, but be prepared for times when little progress is made. Tutors must remember to be supportive and reinforce the student's successes when the student becomes frustrated during a session.

Personal Issues and Counseling

Showing support and giving academic advice is an important part of tutoring; however, it is important for tutors to understand that they are not counselors. If a student wants to discuss personal issues please direct the student to Meirisa Coleman at 843.661.8196

Student Comments from Success Center

“O.M.G. this girl really knows her stuff. Not only does she provide excellent service, but she doesn’t make you feel dumb when asking a question. She seems like she loves her job or maybe just helping”

“Tutor is great, very patient and non-critical.”

“Success Center provides courteous services and it is student oriented.”

" I love this Success Center!"

"Keep up the good work. Doing a great job."

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