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Student Success Center Workshops

                                          Upcoming workshops for the Fall 2017-2018 Semester
Titles and descriptions will be added as the dates near. Look out for Flyers in your emails, around campus and on here! Open to student, faculty and staff.


       September 25, 2017 Biology and Chemistry Workshop

11:30 a.m.

Biology Workshop Objective:

Muscle Power/ Muscle Maker

This model/lesson will help motivate and teach FDTC's students about the Muscular System. Students will learn what these body parts look like, what they do, and where they are located. The model will increase each students’ science vocabulary and improve their skills.

Key points:

  •                     Model Illustration
  •                     Body Basics
  •                     Making the Model
  •                     Teaching With the Model



1:00 p.m.

Chemistry Workshop Objective:

What's in a Name?

Everything you always wanted to know about chemical compounds including:

*Using the Periodic Table for accurate naming

*Naming with Polyatomics

*Calculating Formula Weights for compounds

*Converting Grams to Moles




Biology and Chemistry Workshop Dates:


          October 30, 2017

          November 20, 2017

          November 27, 2017

          Final Exam Preparation – November 27, 2017


General Studies Workshop Dates:

          September 19, 2017

          October 17, 2017

          November 7, 2017

          Final Exam Preparation – November 28, 2017


 All workshops are open to the students,alumni, faculty, and staff of FDTC. Workshop ideas and suggestions are always welcomed. Just fill out an evaluation under the forms tab or email Mrs. Avery Darby at Thank you for you continued support.



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