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Success Day - Call for Proposal - Faculty & Staff

Theme: Dressing for Success is Only the First Step.
Florence-Darlington Technical College
Session Proposals Due: September 29, 2017.

Please Identify
Please indicate any audio-visual needs:
Proposal Topic- Please check up to (2) conference topics that best fit your proposal
Please select all times you wish to present your workshop. Time slot availability not guaranteed.

Learning outcomes should describe the information, skills, behaviors, or perspectives that students are expected to gain using measurable action words such as:

Explain, Demonstrate, Analyze, Formulate, Discuss, Compare, Differentiate, Describe, Name, Assess, Evaluate, Identify, Design, Define, and List


A. Explain how community service builds skills of leadership.
B. Identify 3 strategies for effective study habits.


• Students demonstrate an ability to connect what they are learning with their transfer or career options.
• Students identify an ability to identify pathways/sequences of courses required for their credential.
• Students demonstrate knowledge of resources available to them to support their credential attainment.
• Students demonstrate an understanding of the amount of effort and rigor required to be successful in their chosen program.
• Increase student retention or credential attainment.


As the main contact for this proposal, I understand that if this proposal is accepted, that I must notify Florence –Darlington Technical College’s Student Life Office in writing by September 23, 2016 of any changes to proposal or activity. I understand that this proposal may be edited to fit the workshop’s program or signage. I understand that the FDTC Student Life Office is limited with basic audio-visual aids for conference sessions, if additional audio-visual aids are needed, the expense involved will be paid by the presenters prior to the workshop unless otherwise indicated in writing from the FDTC Student Life Office.

I will also abide by the Workshop Best Practices listed below.”


• All sessions will be forty minutes long.
• Presenters must have enough content to fill a session. If a presenter does not have enough content, he or she may partner with another presenter to speak on a related topic during that time slot.
• All presenters must have a designated host for his or her session. This host will help with ticket dispersion and crowd control. Each presenter is responsible for designating his or her own host for each session the presenter is giving.
• Once all tickets allotted for a session have been handed out, the door must be closed and no other student can be allowed to enter the session
• Presenters and/or hosts must use the stop sign provided. When the room is at maximum capacity, the stop sign must be placed on the door to signal to students that no one else will be allowed to enter. The stop signs will be located in the room where the presentation is held.
• Presenters must keep on the assigned time schedule by refraining from beginning early and/or ending late.
• Students who leave a session early are not to receive tickets for attending part of the session.
• All changes to session titles and content must be submitted prior to the announced deadline. Any changes submitted past this deadline will not be considered.
• If a presenter must cancel his or her session, he or she is responsible for finding a replacement to present on the submitted topic.

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