FDTC autobody repair student works on repairing a car in the paint shop

Auto Body Repair

Program Type: Certificate in Applied Science

Program Level: UG

Division: Career & Technical Education

Program Duration: 12 months

Program Contact: Keith Mckenzie

Credit Requirement: 32

Program overview

This program trains students in the use of equipment and materials used in the auto body repair industry to become auto body technicians. The study of unibody, structure repair, sheet metal repair, welding, spot repair, estimating and refinishing are covered. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in the auto body repair industry.

Courses Required

Semester 1

Structural Repair I

Course Code: ABR-101

This course is an introduction to modern unibody and full frame structural repair and alignment.

Mig Welding

Course Code: ABR-102

This course is an introduction to the welding of high strength steels used in modern unibody vehicles.

Sheet Metal Repair I

Course Code: ABR-103

This course is an introduction to metal repair procedures and panel replacements on modern automotive vehicles.

Semester 2

Refinishing I

Course Code: ABR-108

This course is an introduction to automotive refinishing with emphasis placed on spot repair on on panel painting.

Structural Repair II

Course Code: ABR-111

This course covers the application of procedures for measuring, straightening, aligning, and replacing necessary structural and cosmetic parts.

Sheet Metal Repair II

Course Code: ABR-113

This course covers the application of sheet metal replacement alignment.

Semester 3


Course Code: ABR-109

This course is an introduction to automotive air conditioning, power windows, power seats and other accessories in late model vehicles.

Refinishing II

Course Code: ABR-118

This course covers overall refinishing with the newest type paints.

Estimating Repairs

Course Code: ABR-119

This course covers writing estimates on damaged vehicles using collision repair guides.

Entry Requirements

To see a list of entrance requirements for this program, please check the FDTC Course Catalog.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety and environmental requirements in the transportation repair Industry.
  • Perform various types of body substrate repair.
  • Identify and perform paint materials application techniques.