Student Organization Application

How to create a club or organization at FDTC

The college encourages participation by students, both on campus, online and through distance learning, in a broad array of organizations on campus.  Students wishing to form an organization on campus must have formal approval by the College.  Pending official approval, a proposed organization is permitted to meet on campus but only for the purpose of organizing. 

The following information is required of organizations seeking to be chartered by Florence-Darlington Technical College:

Student Organization Supervision

Find an advisor.

It is the responsibility of the department or division (whichever is applicable) to insure that an employee serves as an advisor to each professional student organization. These responsible individuals must insure the proper organization and charter of new clubs and the orderly conduct of existing clubs in accordance with procedures outlined by the Office of Student Life.

Each organization must complete and submit the following forms to the Student Life Office:

  1. Request for Charter Approval
  2. Charter up-date for college organization (annually)
Filing an application
  1. The faculty advisor initiates the request form below.
  2. The request form is submitted to the Office of Student Life. Upon approval by the Office of Student Life, the request form is forwarded to the AVP of Student Success and Engagement for approval.
  3. The request form is then returned to the Office of Student Life at which time the Club/Organization Advisor will be notified of approval.

Student Organizational Charter Application

Guidelines for Organziations
  1. The Student Life Department will allocate $75.00 to each chartered student organization at the beginning of the fall semester to assist with programming.  All requests for funding must be submitted to the Student Life Office to be considered. Organizations must be chartered prior to fall semester to qualify for funding.
  2. The financial records of any student organization must be available to members of the organization at all times.
  3. All funds for student organizations will be held in the bank depository by the College. Requests for expenditures of funds will require the signature of the advisor and an officer of the organization.
  4. The Business Office adheres to Tuesday and Thursday check writing days with the exception of holidays and month-end closing. Requests for a check to be written should be authorized and in Business Office one day prior to the Tuesday and Thursday check writing dates. Only in Extreme emergencies will a check be written otherwise.
How to Fund Raise

If the organization wishes to conduct a fund-raising activity, a Fundraising Request Form must be submitted to the Student Life Office for approval prior to conducting the activity. This will provide a uniform record keeping method for student fundraising activities.

  1. Students representing the organization seeking to sponsor a fundraising activity may obtain appropriate forms from the Student Life Office as well as the Student Life Web Page.
  2. The fundraising request form will be completed by designated members of the student organization and the advisor. The fundraising request form must be submitted to the Student Life Office.
  3. Following approval by the Student Life Office the form is forwarded to the Dean of Student Services for final approval.
  4. Notification of the final approval will be forwarded to the Student Life Office and organization advisor.

Interested in starting your own club or organization?

What is a  Student Club?
A student club is defined for our purposes as a group of Florence-Darlington Technical College currently enrolled students, staff, and faculty who unite to promote a common interest. Only currently enrolled credit students may be club members, serve as officers, or vote on club matters. 

What is a  Student Organization?
Student organizations are chapters of national organizations and may collect dues which are typically split between the national organization and the local chapter. 

Process for Starting a Club
Any group of students may be recognized as a club as long as their purpose is within existing federal, state, and local laws and college policies. Groups interested in forming a club must meet the following requirements.

  1. Have a minimum of eight club members. Club membership is limited to currently enrolled students of Florence-Darlington Technical College. The group may not deny membership to anyone based on sex, disability, age, color, race, nationality, or religion.
  2. Have at least one advisor who is a college employee.
  3. Complete and submit a charter application form to the Office of Student Life.