The Student Government Association

Student Senate of Florence Darlington Technical College (Aka Student Government Association)

Acting in accordance with the mission statement of the College, strive to provide channels of open communication between the student body and student clubs, student organizations, and the college administration. The Student Senate provides a forum for the statements of student views and interests and represents the opinions of the student body to the college administration.

Duties of the Student Senate:

  • Represents the student body in relation to the faculty, staff, administration, alumni and other bodies.
  • Represents student’s concerns on College Committees
  • Holds publicly announced open meetings
  • Conducts elections annually (end of Spring term) to fill roles as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Benefits of Student Senate:

  • Understanding integrity, accountability, and keeping commitments
  • Improving personal interaction skills
  • Training and working as a team
  • Experience peer mentoring
  • Building a network to help achieve goals upon graduating
  • Exposure to motivating positive, high-achieving individuals

The Student Senate Leadership Program:

Leadership: Led by a Student Life Advisor and a Student President.

The Advisor and Student President are volunteers that dedicate a portion of their time to improving the lives of students on campus and supporting members. They communicate directly with students, clubs and organizations, schedule and host meetings or events and lead the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is elected at the end of the spring semester for the following school year and includes the Student President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Each of these members of the Student Senate must be Full Time Students in good academic standing, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of elections. Members of the Student Senate and Student Ambassadors may include traditional students and dual enrollment students.