Unusual Enrollment History

The Department of Education selects students who have attended multiple colleges or universities during the three previous academic years for Enrollment History Verification. This requires the Financial Aid Office to examine your enrollment history and determine your eligibility to receive future federal financial aid.

Students selected for the Unusual Enrollment History review process are required to submit unofficial transcripts for all schools they attended during the three previous academic years. Students who failed to earn credit hours at one or more of these schools must also provide a Enrollment History Appeal form, a written statement explaining why credit was unearned and supply, if applicable, supporting third party documentation.   Once all requested documents are received, the evaluation process will determine if the student attends an institution long enough to receive title IV credit balance funds, leaves without completing the enrollment period, enrolls at another institution, and repeats the pattern without having earned any academic credit.  

 Following evaluation by the Financial Aid Office, students will receive a notification that their continued eligibility has been approved or denied.  In the event of an approval, the student will be notified in writing and it will be explained what the stipulations of the approval are.  In the event of a denial, you will be notified in writing.