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Alerts and Notifications

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

Florence-Darlington Technical College’s Emergency Alert System (FDTC Alerts) is an EAS system the college has adopted to communicate vital information to academic credit students, faculty/staff, and the public as efficiently as possible of potential events on campus.

FDTC Alerts includes the following notification methods:

  • Mobile Alerts: Text and or voice messages delivered to mobile/home phones, etc. (Students, faculty, and staff members must opt in to receive these messages). See directions below.
  • Email Alerts: Email alerts by default will be sent to your FDTC email account. Student, faculty, and staff email address will be prepopulated into the system.
  • FDTC Web Alerts: These alerts will be posted to FDTC’s website ( and on FDTC’s Facebook page.
  • Scrolling signs and sirens: These audible and visual alerts are placed in key areas of the college.


Important FDTC Alert Registration Information

You must register with FDTC Alerts to receive timely notifications of campus emergencies or events. The quickest form of notification is a text message, so you are strongly encouraged to opt in and provide a number to receive text (SMS) on capable devices.

Students, faculty, and staff: To register please click the link below, if you have an active FDTC login, please use the ‘Already a member?’ Log in to access the system. If you are a visitor or client, please use the ‘Sign Up’ option.

Under the Email/Phone tab you have the ability to add additional E-mail addresses and Phone numbers. When adding Cell numbers, please check your preferred message delivery option, Text (quickest method) and/or Voice. Click ‘More’ to add additional contact numbers. Once entries are complete, click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. Students are encouraged to add parent numbers as additional entries under their profiles.

There is no charge to receive email notifications from FDTC Alerts, but your mobile phone provider may charge a fee for text (SMS) based on your plan.

FDTC Alerts and Email Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for FDTC Alerts?

FDTC Alerts are available to current academic credit students, faculty, staff, and visitor to FDTC’s campus.

Will the college or mobile phone provider charge me for text based alerts?

There is no charge to sign up to receive text (SMS) based alerts. Your mobile phone provider may charge a fee, these fees are dependent on your existing calling plan.

What to expect from the FDTC Alerts in an emergency?

The message will give the type of emergency and indicate any possible actions.

Can I register multiple phone numbers or email addresses?

You can enter up to X number of phone numbers and X number of email addresses (student, faculty, and staff emails will automatically be sent to your FDTC email account). It is advised that current academic students enter their parents email or mobile numbers as one of your entries.

What if my phone number changes?

If you change your mobile number, return to the registration page and update your profile information.

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