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Human Services (440000)

Degree: Associate in Applied Science, AAS


Mission Statement

The Human Services program is dedicated to providing the community with graduates that are prepared for employment in the helping profession. The curriculum provides both a theoretical and a hands-on, experiential foundation for the development of professional helping skills. The curriculum focuses on areas including effective communication, self-management, assessing client needs, client interviewing and problem solving, providing direct care, understanding documentation, and ethical practices. During the final two semesters, students complete field placements in a working agency where they integrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which have been taught throughout the program. The program adheres to the development of multicultural competence and values diversity.

Program Overview

The Human Services Program at FDTC is accredited through CSHSE, the Council for Standards in Human Services Education.

The status of our program today is good. For the academic year 2020-2021, we had a total of 55 students. Most full-time students complete the program in seven (7) semesters. The curriculum provides fifteen semester hours of general education courses, six hours of sociology content, and forty-eight hours of content that blends theories, skills, and experience from courses that are human service grounded and psychology based. Our retention rate is showing to be 38%. In 2021, we graduated 16 students and 96 percent of them are working in the field or continuing their education. Being a generalist program, our students are prepared to pursue advanced degrees in human services, psychology, social work, etc.

The Human Services program is relevant to the needs of the community. Research shows that our field is growing fast. There is an average annual opening of 840 Human Service jobs in South Carolina every year. Feedback from community professionals indicates that the content of our program meets the current needs for entry level professionals in the field of Human Services. Ninety-three percent of our students are placed in jobs or choose to further their education in the field.

Advisory board members report that they often choose to hire our students over four year degree candidates, as our students demonstrate a mastery of the critical skills needed for the workplace. In addition, advisory board members report being very satisfied with the skills based knowledge that our students demonstrate as entry level professionals. In regard to advisory board/DACUM recommendations, our most recent committee expressed that no action be taken at this time for the program. They expressed that our graduates meet the requirements of employers for entry level positions.

The Human Services Program at Florence Darlington has active articulation agreements with Coker College and Limestone College, the two private four year institutions in the area that offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Limestone College also offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.The program also has active articulation agreements with Lander University and the University of South Carolina Beaufort for a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services.  In addition, there is a common state wide agreement between the two year and the four year state institutions that lists the courses that are transferrable between the two entities.

Disclaimer: The Human Services program does not require background checks for students entering the program. Students should be aware, however, that factors such as prior convictions may disqualify them from field placement and/or employment in this field. Your entrance into or completion of the Human Services program does not guarantee that you will be employable in this field. Students are encouraged to research what is required to be employable in their desired area of human services.

***Please see Fitness for Profession for additional information.

Program Video

Cortney Back is a 2020 graduate of the Human Services program at Florence-Darlington Technical College. She chose FDTC for her higher education because courses were affordable, and the college offered flexible schedules. Following graduation, Cortney entered the bridge program at Coker University. She is slated to graduate this December with a B.S. in Psychology. While at FDTC, she served as the President of the Human Services Club, and she participated in internships with the Pee Dee Coalition and The Counseling Center of Florence, LLC, where she was employed prior to graduating.

Career Placement

At FDTC, we believe that education deserves results - that’s why we want to watch our students succeed in the real world. Florence-Darlington Technical College works diligently to match students with relevant jobs in our community so that they can put their hard-earned education to work. We partner with successful alumni and local businesses to ensure our students get the best possible career upon graduation. Our Career Services Office offers a variety of services to help students succeed including: resume coaching, on-campus recruiting & career fairs, online job postings, professional development workshops, personality evaluations, internship placement assistance, and other online career building resources. We encourage all students to schedule a meeting with a Career Services Coach at (843) 661-8075 to explore their post-graduation opportunities. Find out about what Career Services can do for you. What does your future look like?

Learning Goals/Objectives

The Human Services Program of Florence-Darlington Technical College is dedicated to providing the community with graduates to provide services that include: direct and indirect client care, assess client needs, lead group activities, assist clients in need of counseling and/or crisis management, act as a liaison for family members, provide emotional support, and treatment plan participation. View our Human Services program student learning outcomes.

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