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Mechanical Engineering Technology (150805)

Degree: Associate in Applied Science, AAS


The Mechanical Engineering Technology Program is five terms in duration once the student is prepared for initial Communications and Mathematics requirements. Students who require preparatory coursework prior to program entry will require longer to complete the program. The students are exposed to a number of technologies during curriculum coursework. Robotics: Students have the opportunity to interact with a training robot to develop familiarity with fundamental displacement concepts. Students create and edit basic programs for pick and place applications for a finite number of objects. Students determine training robot limitations, develop file management skill, and explore how operators will interact with the robot via an applicable teach pendant. During this process the students learn troubleshooting techniques and hone their programming skill. Fluid Power: Students are exposed to fluid mechanics and practical hydraulics and pneumatics. They actively build and document both hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. They are also exposed to the electrical control and control logic of intermediate fluid power circuits. Engineering Graphics: Students are exposed to the fundamentals of engineering graphics. They apply these techniques in 2D CAD and 3D solid modeling. Techniques are reinforced throughout the curriculum in various courses and students are challenged to develop further skill and utilize 3D modeling to develop, document and present creative and robust solutions to technical problems. Students also gain exposure to advanced materials technology and additive manufacturing technology via coursework and interaction with staff at the Southeastern Institute for Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT). Integrated Technology: Students amass soft skills along with technical skills that are necessary to assimilate into the workforce quickly. Programs in place at FDTC have successfully prepared students for this transition for well over a decade utilizing this approach. Engineering Technician Careers have evolved over the past decades - this has resulted in new challenges for technicians in the workforce. They must be prepared to continually learn new technologies and processes - they must be able to adapt. FDTC Engineering Technology Students have met this challenge and are continuing to do so today. [FDTC's Engineering Technology Programs are tasked with continuing to prepare incoming students to meet the challenges of the future].

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In the Real World

The general education component of the program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for further study of technical subjects. Included in this segment are communications, mathematics, applied physics and computer technology courses.

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At FDTC, we believe that education deserves results - that’s why we want to watch our students succeed in the real world. Florence-Darlington Technical College works diligently to match students with relevant jobs in our community so that they can put their hard-earned education to work. We partner with successful alumni and local businesses to ensure our students get the best possible career upon graduation. Our Career Services Office offers a variety of services to help students succeed including: resume coaching, on-campus recruiting & career fairs, online job postings, professional development workshops, personality evaluations, internship placement assistance, and other online career building resources. We encourage all students to schedule a meeting with a Career Services Coach at (843) 661-8075 to explore their post-graduation opportunities. Find out about what Career Services can do for you. What does your future look like?
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